My Experience with ACEworld

Updated on June 22, 2021 in Reviews
0 on May 6, 2021

I joined Micheal Ace, owner of Ace World Publication a little above a year ago and I’m tempted to write this, “when you follow Michael Ace of ACEworld, you will know differences between opportunities and eligibilities”. The former is a chance, the second is earned
Well and deservedly earned at that!

When asked where I got the question “where did you hear from us?” when I went to Rasmed Publishers’ interview, I told them it’s from you. And that I already have 4 literary certificates from the site in a year (2 from Chinua Achebe, 1 from Asido Foundation and 48 hours ago I have another one from Google on Digital Data Analysis)

Ace told me “that’s the goal really. To impact as many as possible.”
So I say thank you for creating this sir

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